Saturday, April 01, 2006

Super Classico

26 March 2006

Today we got on another flight as we headed off to Buenos Aires for a week. The reason for heading to Buenos Aires today was because the biggest game in argentine soccer if not South American soccer was on in Buenos Aires. It was between River Plate and Boca Juniors. Unfortunately we were unable to get tickets to the game apparently scalpers were offering between $300-500US a ticket.

After some hassles getting accomodation we settles on a hostel in San Telmo - a suburb of Buenos Aires close to Boca Junioes home ground where the game was being played. After visiting the local Sunday markets of SanTelmo where we made some purchases we headed off to a local bar/cafe to watch the big game. Because we were close to the Boca Juniors heartland all but three people in the cafe were Boca fans. I think I have to include myself as a Boca fan although a very minor one. (Neil will insert a detailed match report to anyone who cares to listen) Boca fan went home happy after a 1-1 draw. San Telmo is a nice old area that has cobbled streets and lots of old building. I think its considered the bohemian-artist section of town. We will explore the rest of Buenos Aires in the next couple of days.


Street Performers in San Telmo Buenos Aires

Neil in San Telmo

Neil watching the big game with the locals

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