Thursday, April 13, 2006

Volcano climbing

07 April 2006

Not much happened today as we spent most of the day in bus as we travelled 770km from Pichilemu to Puco - which is the adventure capital of Chile. We did stop of at Santa Cruz and have a look at a private museum which is owned by a former Chilean arms dealer and one of the richest men in Chile. Rumour has it that sold arms to both Iran and Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war and made the best cluster bombs.

08 April 2006

Today we spent the day in Puco and we decided to do a climb of the nearby Volcan Villarrica. This volcano is still active and is about 2500m in height. It was an early start in order to make the most of the fine weather. It was a four hour hike to the top of the volcano through rock, ice and snow. Unfortunatey, Caroline had to pull out of the climb part way in because wasn´t feeling very well. The climb was pretty tough and I was very glad when we had breaks. The pain was worth it though when we reached the top the views were spectacular. Coming down the volcano was a whole lot easier as we slid down channels in the snow and ice. It only took us just over an hour to get down. After a quick dinner we went to some local hot springs to ease our sore bodies for a couple of hours.


Caroline reached this point of the volcano

Neil taking it easy during the climb up the volcano

Neil all suited up for his madcap slide down the volcano

Coming down the volcano on your arse

Volcan Villarrica in all its glory

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