Saturday, April 15, 2006

Karaoke leads to bad singing

13 April 2006

Took most of today easy and relaxed after a fairly busy week and also did some shopping. Late in the evening we went out to a karaoke bar in downtown Santiago with a bunch of Caroline´s cousins. A good time was had by all and we ended back at home about 5am. Caroline and I along with Caroline´s cousin Alejandra graced the karaoke stage to absolutely butcher a version of U2´s ´The Streets Have No Name´. I think my dreams of becoming the next Australian Idol have been totally shattered.

14 April 2006

We both woke up this morning feeling a little worse for wear. Australian bars could learn something from Chilean and Peruvian bars where most basic spirits are mixed fifty-fifty with any post mix.

Today we headed down south about 100km to the seaside town of San Antonio. We had a look around at the various markets and the other goings on. There was heaps of people around as it was Good Friday and everyone was getting away for the long weekend.

After lunch we headed to El Quisco, a short trip from San Antonio and also by the sea, to pay a visit to Caroline´s great aunt. She lives in a great spot - you just walk out onto the front porch and you get 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean. We also found out that she was the dressmaker for the family of Salvador Allende, the Chilean president who was in power when Pinochet took power back in 1973. Would have liked to ask her a whole bunch of questions but my Spanish isn´t that good. On our way home we dropped into the house of Caroline´s uncle Juan. Have been doing a lot of eating and drinking in the last couple of days.


Alejandra, Neil and Caroline belting a very bad version of ´The Streets Have No Name´

Caroline and her cousins, Carolina and Alejandra

Caroline and all her cousins that came to the karaoke bar

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