Thursday, April 13, 2006

A new bus, waterfalls and some rare wine

12 April 2006

Today was our last day of the tour and with a new bus that had arrived during the night we headed off from Temuco and back to Santiago. We finally made it Saltos del Laja mid morning. Here we spent about an hour or so having a look at the falls from various angles and also the surrounding river.

Our next stop was a visit to the Balduzzi Winery which is a small boutique winery of Italian origin about 250km south of Santiago. We had a tour of the wine making facilities and sampled some of their fine wines. We tasted some Carmenere wine which is only found in Chile as it was totally wiped out in Europe where it usually grows by disease hundreds of years ago. Caroline and I made some purchases which we will hopefully share with you all. We then headed back to Santiago and we got dropped off right near where we are staying in San Bernardo and we said farewell to our group and guide.

I got some unexpected news as we were confirming my flights when we got home. We found out that I wasn´t flying out tomorrow as expected but on Saturday - so my holiday is extended by an extra two days.


A beautiful old Citroen by the side of the road

Saltos del Laja waterfall

Caroline near the base of the waterfalls at Saltos del Laja

A few from near the top of Saltos del Laja

Some of the vines at the Balduzzi Winery

That´s where the good stuff comes from at Balduzzi Winery

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