Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sunset over the Pacific

06 April 2006

After spending a few days relaxing in Santiago we set out today on a week long tour of the lakes district to the south of Santiago. Its not a proper organised tour - you just pay for the bus and the accommodation is extra. You also get to choose what activities you want to do at each stop and you can hop off the bus anytime you want.

Our first stop was Pichilemu - which is the surf capital of Chile and obviously has the best surf in Chile. Its only about 200km from Santiago so it didn´t take us long to get there. Caroline and I decided to some horse riding along the beach. Both of us had never ridden a horse before and we probably thought we were controlling the horses but they probably just went along the path that they usually go.

After this went and watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean - something that we have never seen before. Whilst watching the sun set we partly gatecrashed a celebration a bunch of surfers were having - I think there was some kind of competition on today. Later on we had a barbecue at the hostel where we were staying and then had some drinks at a local bar and sampled some of the local beers.

The beach at Pichilemu

A surfer in search of some better waves

Pichilemu as the sun starts to go down and the fogs rolls in

A bunch of surfers celebrating something in Pichilemu

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

A cheesy photo of us as the sun goes down

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