Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sea lions, rivers and german-chilean beer

09 April 2006

Today we left the town of Pucon and headed down souh to Valdiva which is the meeting point of three rivers as they go into the Pacific Ocean. These rivers are the Calle Calle, Cau Cau and Cruces. On our way to Valdivia we made our way past two of the seven lakes that are a key feature of the area. We stopped off at Lago Panguipulli and Lago Calafquen. This area has a strong Mapuche (native Chilean) tradition and in many places you can´t own land if you are not a Mapuche. We made it to Valdivia mid afternoon and we had a quick look around the local fish market which has some resident sea lions looking for an easy meal.

We then grabbed some lunch with our group at a local seafood restaurant (fortunately, there was something on the menu for me). Today was the Chilean superclassico - Colo Colo vs Universidad de Chile and there was heaps of people in the restaurant watching the game. For the record Colo Colo won 3-1 much to the chagrin of our guide is a Universidad de Chile fan.

After lunch we checked out a fort on the coast on the Pacific Ocean and then stopped of at the Kunstmann Brewery where we sampled some of the brews they produce. Kuntsmann is a Chilean beer that was started by the large German population that came to the area.


Caroline on the shores of Lago Calafquen

Looking out over Lago Panguipulli

The fresh fish market at Valdivia

A sea lion looking for an easy meal at the fish markets in Valdivia


Neil sampling some of the Kuntsmann brewery produce

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