Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rain and a broken down bus

10 April 2006

Today we left Valdivia and headed further south to almost the end of the Pan American Highway, which runs almsot the length of Chile, at Puerto Montt. Puerto Montt is the stepping off point to the rest of southern Chile. Here we stopped off for some lunch and had a look at the local handicraft markets. After spending about two hours in Puerto Montt we headed north to Puerto Varas which sits on the edge of Lago Llanquihue. Caroline and I took a stroll around the town before it started raining. This is the first time that we have experienced rain whilst in Chile and the second lot of rain that we had experienced in our whole trip around South America. We went out for dinner - where the waitress was playing Kylie Minogue´s greatest hits on the stereo - however, the food was good which made up for it.

11 April 2006

Feeling a little sad today as I will be heading home in a couple of days ending my visit to South America. Today we were meant to travel from Puerto Varas to Saltos del Laja - Chile´s widest waterfalls. Unfortunately our plans came unstuck as our bus broke down just outside of Temuco, about 200km south of our destination. It was pouring with rain, as it had been doing most of the day, and our bus had to be towed back to Temuco with us inside. We decided to spend the night in Temuco and visit the waterfalls in the morning on our way back to Santiago. Not much happened in Temuco apart from many games of fussball in the hostel we were staying at.


Down at the docks of Puerto Montt

Neil doing some shopping at the markets in Puerto Montt

Some boats waiting for high tide at Puerto Montt

Caroline taking it easy in Puerto Varas

Some poor fisherman´s boat washed up on the beach at Puerto Varas

Some rocks at Puerto Varas

Some Chilean cowboys practising their moves near Puerto Varas

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