Monday, April 03, 2006

Fat tourists and the biggest shower of our lives

29 March 2006

Today we headed up to Puerto Iguazu to check out the Iguazu Falls - the biggest falls in the world. We would be staying for two nights and three days. We arrived early afternoon after our flight was delayed briefly. We took a tour of a local Indian village and the surrounding jungle. We then took a ride on a catamaran up the Iguazu river to the meeting point of three countries - Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. We then went for a bit of a cruise up the river. Not much else happened for the rest of the day.

30 March 2006

Today we took a day trip to check out the Iguazu Falls and we had an early start. When we arrived at the entrance to the falls we took a train to a point where you walk about a kilometre to visit the Devil´s Throat waterfall. This waterfall is the highest of all the falls and about 70m in height. It was very noisy and there was heaps of spray going everywhere and soaking everyone on the viewing platform. We took lots of photos and then headed back to the train.

Unfortunately our train was delayed and it took us a while to get back to our next stop. I think the delay was caused by all the fat toursits that seemed to be at the falls. I have never seen so many fat tourists in all my life. We then went for a walk along some of the upper walkways and checked out some pretty amazing views of the waterfalls. After lunch we went on a Grand Adventure that involved a tour through the jungle on the back of a truck and then a trip on a jet boat along the Iguazu river. The jet boat went through the rapids and then took us right underneath two waterfalls so that you got totally soaked. You couldn´t see much as the water was absolutely pelting down on top of you. We then did a short walk back up to the train. I think we missed out on part of our tour because of the earlier delay but overall it was a pretty good tour and we were pretty tired by the end of it all.


Visiting the locals in the jungle. These people don´t actually belong to any country which prompted a young American tourist to ask: ¨What happens if they kill a man?¨.

Caroline crossing one of the many bridges in the jungle

Neil + Caroline taking it easy on the Iguazu River cruise

The Devil´s Throat waterfall. If you can see the little black things they are birds that fly around amongst the spray

Neil overlooking the Devil´s Throat waterfall

The Devil´s Throat waterfall

Some of the many waterfalls that make up the Iguazu Falls

Getting close to the edge at one of the waterfalls

We were about to follow that jet boat into the waterfall

Caroline and Neil on the jet boat before we got soaked

Neil on dry land but still thoroughly drenched from our trip under the waterfall

A different view of the waterfalls

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