Monday, March 27, 2006

More Football

25 March 2006

Have spent the last couple of days hanging around Chile. Caroline´s parents arrived back from their trip to Brazil nd yesterday we went out to lunch at a traditional Chilean restaurant. Again I had a Chilean salad. At night I went off to another soccer match, this time to see a chilean league match between Union Espanola and Universidad de Concepcion. Union Espanola is Caroline´s cousin´s husband Valentine´s team. It was abit of a difference to the previous game we went to as the crowd was much smaller and the stadium was very old. I think if someone had let off a flare it might have burnt the whole place down. The game wasnt that great we left happy as Union Espanola won 1-0. It was a boy´s night out as I went with Valentine and Caroline´s dad and uncle. I think i make Union Espa├▒ola my chilean team as they are abit of a battler side but still okay as they wont the title last year. They are also not as popular as some of the other Chilean teams.

Today we went to a local artifical lake to check out the South American waterski championships- something I hadnt seen in the flesh before - only watched the Moomba Masters on T.V


Union Espanola vs Universidad Concepcion

Us at the lake watching some waterskiing

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Brett said...

Hi Neil and Caroline!
Sounds like you two are having muchos fun over there, can't wait to see those fertile photos.

The magazine hasn't progressed much, Murray is looking at making it more along the lines of SUMMERWINTER which is good though...

See you both soon.