Sunday, March 12, 2006

Plazas, Churches and Altitude Sickness

07 March 2006

Today we had an early morning flight from lima to Cuzco - the capital of the Incas and also of tourism. First thing you notice when you get off the plain is how much cleaner the air is here compared to Lima. Cuzco is about 3400m above sea level so we had to be a bit careful about over exerting ourselves at such altitude. To put it into perspective a plane usually flys at this type of altitude. One way to overcome th altitude is to drink coca tea which is made from the same plant that gives us cocaine.

We had a brief tour of the city looking at the main plazas of Cuzco and also the artist bohemian quarter. Caroline was not feeling that great probably due to her not being used to the altitude. Whilist Caroline was resting I took to the streets of Cuzco to see some of the sights. I also got to try out some spanish which is not that good - but I managed to communicate well enough. I paid a visit to one of the many churched that are in Cuzco - the iglesia de la Compania, and was givene a guided tour. Most of the churches in Cuzco were built on the foundations of Inca temples that were destroyed during the spanish conquest.

Also paid a visit to the Museum of Popular Art and Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art. The contemporary art museum was showing an exhibition of graphic design by students of La Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru- that was really quite good.


Streets in Cuzco

Cathedral in Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas in Cuzco

Some Inca foundations

Caroline in the streets of Cuzco

Caroline in Plaza de San Blaez

Plaza de Armas

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