Saturday, March 18, 2006

Flying like a bird in Miraflores

16 March 2006

Another early start as our tour of Peru drew to an end. We took a bus from Puno to Juliaca to catch a plane back to Lima. We arrived back in Lima about 12 noon. As soon as you arrive back in Lima you really notice the difference between Lima and the other places we have visited in Peru.

After a fairly dodgy lunch we headed down to Miraflores with John + Laura (the other two remaining members of our group). Miraflores is like the rich and classy end of Lima and if you only visited Miraflores you wouldnt get the real picture of the city. The reason for the visit to Miraflores was to go paragliding. I wasnt that keen on it at the start but Caroline had had her heart set on it for a while - but it in the end all four of us took up the challenge. I am glad that I decided do it. We floated hundreds of metres above the beaches and roadways and pools as your pilot gives you a guided aerial view of Miraflores. The sensation of flyin around was amazing and I think I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time. Not usually my kind of thing but it was so much fun. Caroline and the others also enjoyed it a lot. Caroline also got to see a Peruvian beagle - which reminded her of Peanut.

As it was our last night together as a group we went out for dinner in Miraflores with our tour leader to say thanks for a great tour.


Miraflores from the air

Miraflores from the air

Miraflores from the air

Its long way down there

Neil coming into land - stand clear

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