Sunday, March 12, 2006

Machu Picchu

08 March 2006

Today was marked down as one of the highlights of our Peruvian tour and our visit to Machu Picchu didnt disappoint. We had another early start as we had to catch one of the earliest trains to Machu Picchu. Caroline was feeling alot better today so she was able to enjoy the day much better than yesterday. After a four hour train ride through some picturesque countryside we arrived at Aguas Callientes. From here we took a half hour bus ride up the mountain to Machu Picchu. It was quite hairy bus ride at times with the narrow road barely holding two buses.

We were given a guided tour of the ruins which went for over two hours. The tourwas great as we were given a very detailed history of the place. You dont realise how big it is until you have to walk around it. We took heaps of photos and hopefully they turn out well as the light was good for picture taking. There was quite a number of tourist and sometimes we had to wait to look at some of the sites, but wasn´t too bad. After the tour we had some free time to ourselvesand then headed down to Aguas Calientes for some food. I´m glad we made it to Machu Picchu as it is a pretty awe inspiring place.

We the caought the train back to Ollantytambo we caught a bus bck to Cuzco as it would be quicker than taking the train. We had a demon driver who loved overtaking going around bends and we almost had some close calls -but we arrived back safely.


Caroline at Machu Picchu, with Huyana Picchu in the background

One of the many views of Machu Picchu

Another one of those great views

Is it Indiana Jones, no its just Neil at Machu Picchu

The terraces of Machu Picchu

Another view of Machu Picchu

Neil at Machu Picchu - farmhouses in background

Caroline at the entrance to one of the temples

Neil overlooking Machu Picchu

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