Sunday, March 12, 2006

Off to the land of the Incas

06 March 2006

Today we arrived in the land of the Incas as we arrived in Lima from Santiago for a two week tour we are doing of Peru. The first thing that hits you as you walk out of the airport pollution, heat and the smell - most of all the smell - it was quite overpowering. We took a cab ride to our hotel through the streets of Lima which demonstrated that drivers in Lima were crazier than the ones in Santiago which was hard to fathom. Sometime they would make lanes where there wasn´t any and petrol is really expensive over here with it being about $US5 a litre but it doesn´t stop everyone from driving. There is so many cars - most of them in bad conditions all constantly using there horns.

We were given a brief tour of Lima by our tour guide and we were shown the main parts of central Lima. It has a lot of colonial Spanish architecture and a lot of churches - being a Catholic country and all. Nothing too modern in terms of architecture but the city has a certain character to it. We will explore it further when we arrive back from our tour.


Statue of General San Martin in San Martin Plaza

Main street in Lima, also known as chicken and shoe street because it has heaps of chicken and shoe shops

One of Lima´s famous patios off the Plaza de Armas

Post office in Lima

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