Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A little bit of tango and some thoughts on Buenos Aires

31 March 2006

We returned to Buenos Aires today from Puerto Iguazu after a short delay at the airport. Once back in Buenos Aires we enjoyed a meal at a vegetarian restaurant in San Telmo - our first visit to such an establishment whilst in South America. The food was great and they had a large selection of food to choose from. We also did some more shopping. Most stuff is fairly cheap over here.

Late in the evening we saw a tango show in downtown Buenos Aires with our friends Ashley and Alex. The show was great and an absolute bargain at only 25 pesos (about $12). It showcased the music, songs and dances of the tango. We didn´t get home until the early hours of the morning.

01 April 2006

Today was our last day in Buenos Aires. I have really enjoyed our visit to Buenos Aires and would have liked to spend a little more time here. We will definitely pay this city another visit. Of all the major cities we have visited in South America I like Buenos Aires the most and could quite easily see myself living here for a while and I don´t stand out as much as in the rest of South America that we have visited. We caught up on some last minute shopping and visited the suburb of Palermo - which is heavily influenced by the Italians before we headed off to the airport.

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joeM said...

and you know that Palermo is the capitol of Sicily....

great catch up on your travels...had not read for about 2 weeks.... and the pics were fantastic...

Melbourne getting our first heavy rain for atleast 3 weeks !

Hope you bring back some greatn urban sounds from Buenos Aires and anywhere else you visit !